When studying for the Pance/Panre, don't forget to review the Tasks

The Rasch model is the method by which the NCCPA uses to score the Pance. It is somewhat complicated but essentially compares the taker to her peers. 

If you are out of school for at least four months, then you need to review the Tasks that you will be tested on. Even if you score high on the main medical subjects, if you score just 60 percent on the Tasks section, then you may not pass.

Most of the test takers taking the test have just graduated. They will score high on these ‘rote memory’ items in the task section. Your Task scores will be compared to theirs, and if you don’t score high on this relatively simple section, you will receive a low Decile on these tasks, which are relatively highly weighted for your score!

So make score you know these tasks. Know when to order a PSA or a mammogram and so on.

Good Luck!