When studying for the Pance/Panre, don't forget to review the Tasks

The Rasch model is the method by which the NCCPA uses to score the Pance. It is somewhat complicated but essentially compares the taker to her peers. 

If you are out of school for at least four months, then you need to review the Tasks that you will be tested on. Even if you score high on the main medical subjects, if you score just 60 percent on the Tasks section, then you may not pass.

Most of the test takers taking the test have just graduated. They will score high on these ‘rote memory’ items in the task section. Your Task scores will be compared to theirs, and if you don’t score high on this relatively simple section, you will receive a low Decile on these tasks, which are relatively highly weighted for your score!

So make score you know these tasks. Know when to order a PSA or a mammogram and so on.

Good Luck!

Pop quiz: What's the diagnosis for this 64-year-old man?

A 64-year-old man with hypertension developed sudden onset of right eye blindness while shaving this morning. He describes a "curtain falling over my right eye," which cleared spontaneously after 8 minutes. He had no other concurrent neurologic symptoms and no prior episodes of similar description. His general examination reveals a blood pressure of 140/87 mmHg but is otherwise unremarkable. Neurologic exam is grossly normal.

What is the most likely diagnosis? (Hint: think about what route the tiny embolus will take to give these symptoms!)

A Right internal carotid artery transient ischemic attack (TIA)
B Basilar artery TIA
C Left Posterior cerebral TIA
D Left Internal carotid artery TIA




Answer:  A. Here's why: The Right Retinal artery runs off the Right Internal Carotid!

So you failed the PANCE or PANRE

So you failed the PANCE or PANRE.  

Or perhaps you failed it more than once. First, take a deep breath. I have personally successfully tutored over 50 PA students and practicing PAs who failed (sometimes two or three times), and they turned out to be terrific physician assistants. Don’t feel isolated, because you’re not the only one and help is here.

When preparing to retake of PANCE or PANRE, it can be difficult to determine where to start.

This guide is designed to help you develop a plan for preparing to successfully retake the PANCE or PANRE. 

Step 1: Get back to the basics

There are no shortcuts to passing – it’s going to take some hard work, but it will definitely pay off. Start at the beginning of pathophysiology and physiology and build up to the more advanced subjects. In my experience, the successful students and medical professionals don’t just memorize the material, rather, they know some good basics and then develop a diagnostic tool that ensures that they are well-prepared to pass the exam.  

STEP 2: Review your performance

As you progress through the material, the next step is to identify your strong and weak areas by taking practice exams. When designing your retake plan, we suggest starting with the areas in which you clearly underperformed. Be very careful that you do not ignore your stronger areas entirely; otherwise, you may find that you have just substituted weak areas for previously strong areas.

We suggest that you build practice exams that focus on each of the 13 subjects.  Go through each subject and take a practice test focused on that subject.  Stick with that subject and try to obtain at least 78% - 82% on each subject prior to moving on. 

Multiple choice answer technique is also a very important skill that may need to be improved. 

STEP 3: Timing is everything

This could be the most important point.  Don’t wait too long to start preparing for your retake because momentum is critical. The earlier you start, the less invasive the study becomes in both your home and work life. Time is of the essence, so get back up on the saddle! 

We wish you all the best in achieving a successful result in your exam retake. 

If you are interested in working with us, we have had tremendous success with dozens of students and medical professionals that failed the exam. Please feel free to sign-up for our low-priced online audio/visual tutoring course for either the PANCE or the PANRE

Also, please feel free to email us to learn more or ask a question: precipiolearning@gmail.com. Private tutoring hours may also be added to your study plan on request.

Welcome to Precipio Learning

Welcome to Precipio Learning. 

My main reasons for creating this unique and wonderful tutorial are the following;

1. I was overwhelmed with requests for private tutoring for the PANCE and for the PANRE, and could not accommodate all of the requests

2. Because the PA school curriculum is crammed into about 22 months, sometimes without breaks, I received many requests from students still in PA school

3. I decided to spend about 800 hours dictating and refining my audio/visual Tutorial after my incredibly high success rate with my students. I have changed so many lives for the better. Struggling, sometimes single parent PAs trying to pass the PANCE and PANRE were helped to succeed by me. And their happiness has become both my reward as well as the impetus driving me to work so hard. 

I hope I can do the same for you. Welcome. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions -- precipiolearning@gmail.com.

--Dr. John Athas